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Nelo surfskis have arrived in North America!

Posted by bckcrainbow on September 24, 2010 is a Canadian owned company distributing the new Nelo Ocean skis in Canada. Nelo (MAR industries of Portugal) is renowned for its production of world class sprint canoes and kayaks. Nelo currently holds more canoe and kayak world championships titles than any other manufacturer of sprint boats. They continue to explore new manufacturing methods to improve quality and recyclability. Nelo is currently working on a cork core for all of their boats including the Ocean skis.

In the first two years of Oceanski production, Nelo has held two major surf ski events on the coast of Portugal. They are committed to become an international leader in the development of surfskis and surfski racing. They listen to all athletes/paddlers input, always striving for excellence. Check out this video of the racing action in Portugal.

Nelo Oceanskis also allow for you to design your own colour scheme. Get creative and make a statement on the water.

(ed. Check out the design feature on Nelo’s website under the Colour Schemes tab that appears when you click on a boat model. Here’s your chance to have a top quality ski with the colour scheme designed by you! Check out Tim Jacobs’ surfski in Rambo’s latest video on, it looks like a salt water croc!)

(ed. Another video with better shots of TJ’s salt water croc Nelo surfski!)

All of Nelo’s products are manufactured in Portugal under strict ISO standards. They pride themselves on a durable high quality finished product.

(ed. Over the past years Nelo has risen rapidly to become the most popular sprint racing kayak around the world. They did this by committing to build a quality product and by continuously striving to improve their designs through working closely with top athletes. It certainly appears Nelo is now applying that same commitment to their contribution to the sport of surfski racing.)

The pricing on the Nelo Oceanski is also very competitive compared to other surfski brands.

Check us out at

or contact me at

(ed. And for those of you on the west coast, there is now a Nelo surfski (size L) in Vancouver that can be made available to take out for a test paddle…when I’m not using it! 🙂


One Response to “Nelo surfskis have arrived in North America!”

  1. Don Craig said

    Funny. Huki has allowed you the option to design your own ski and OC-1 for years, with many, many more options. And there made right here in North America.

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